Putting sales teams
in the driving seat

Increase the efficiency, transparency, and profitability of your motor vehicle dealership with DealerDOC


DealerDOC is the first real-time commission-tracking performance portal for motor dealerships. It boosts sales performance and profitability by as much as 20%.

It empowers sales teams by providing live insights into their commission earnings, driving motivation, accountability, job satisfaction and staff retention.

DealerDOC integrates seamlessly with existing systems without disrupting operations. It delivers actionable insights into sales performance and profitability at a group and dealership level, and it can be configured at set-up to display KPIs in line with current group processes.

  • Full transparency to prevent conflicting pay information and boost morale
  • Identify upsell opportunities to increase finance & product penetration by up to 25%
  • Mobile interface that can be checked in seconds
  • Real time, customisable dealer level KPI dashboards
    • Drill down into individual deal and sales person performance
    • Analyse sales process weaknesses, make informed decisions regarding stock purchasing
    • Replace individual dealership/team whiteboards and spreadsheets
    • Focus on one-on-one meetings on increasing sales instead of calculating commission
    • Maintain auditable payment records, reducing internal communications and the reliance on printed documents.

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    Our Story

    Richard Hannaford spent more than a decade leading car dealerships and their sales teams. His deep understanding of the problems facing salespeople and managers across the industry lead him to create DealerDOC, to help every motor vehicle dealership increase efficiency, transparency, and profitability.

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