Sales Executive

Helping increase revenue with a motivated sales team who know exactly what they need to do to hit their targets

Intuitive salary & commission breakdown

Key information broken down in an intuitive monthly summary. Delivered in real time via mobile.

Full transparency to prevent conflicting pay information. Let your sales execs focus on selling rather than calculating their commission.

Performance & penetration analysis

Quickly check progress vs target, and analyse product penetration to rapidly identify cross sell opportunities. Drill down into the details of an individual deal.

Increase finance & product penetration by up to 25%.


Real team insights into how your sales team are performing, helping managers make the right decisions to increase sales

Customisable KPI Dashboards

Snapshot of your dealership and group’s performance with role based access.

Insights you can rely on, with an easy to use interface.

Detailed analytics

Drill down into performance by sales exec, brand, vehicle type, product and more.

Analyse where you need to focus to improve your dealership


Helping you save time, reduce manual processes and create an audit trail you can trust.

Add, view & edit sales

Digitise your DOC. Filter by date, sales exec, customer name or order status to stay organised

Maintain auditable records, reducing internal communications and the reliance on printed documents.

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