πŸš— New Reg Month: Ensure Your Sales Team Take the Win! πŸš—

New reg month is upon us, and the race is on to usher those gleaming new 73 plates out the dealership doors in the next 15 days. We don’t need to remind you that these targets are the largest of the year so far for your sales team, and the irony of seeing those SAD 😞 orders piling up in the workshop is all too real. Plus, the clock is ticking with the deafening 90-day countdown to make the most of those DIMS with gap upsells.

With many OEMs having already made the switch to the agency model, there’s never been a more critical time to ensure that every sale is processed with maximum efficiency and not a single opportunity for product upsells slips through the cracks.

So, let’s break it down. Here’s where your unwavering focus should be:


Undoubtedly, this unavoidable task is consuming a significant portion of your time. The unfortunate reality is that you’re aware your persistent calls probably won’t have a substantial impact on the arrival of those manufacturer deliveries. However, have you considered leveraging the national stock already available on terra firma? There’s a good chance that a colleague out there has the vehicles you need sitting in their stock and may require something you’ve been struggling to sell or will require it in the near future. At this point, the most effective use of your time is to begin calling in those favours and tapping into the opportunities that you can control, rather than continually butting heads with the challenge of impending deliveries.


Morning meetings at the dealership should be more than just another item on your daily agenda – they are your gateway to a day filled with achievement and positivity. Here’s how you can make them truly count:

  1. Setting the Stage for Success: Every morning meeting is an opportunity to set the day’s goals, ignite the passion in your sales team, and pave the way for record-breaking numbers. It’s a chance to ensure impeccable customer satisfaction scores and infuse the entire dealership with vibrant energy.
  2. Focus on the Positive: Keep the atmosphere upbeat and motivating. Morning meetings should be an inspiring ritual that leaves your team charged up, ready to conquer the day’s challenges. Remember, positivity breeds success.
  3. Handle Issues Privately: While it’s essential to maintain a positive vibe during the morning meeting, issues or concerns should be addressed individually and in private. This approach prevents team morale from taking a hit and keeps everyone aligned toward their goals.
  4. Set Achievable Goals: Goals should be challenging yet attainable. The morning meeting is the time to rally your team around realistic targets, ensuring they are equipped for success. This way, tomorrow’s meeting will be filled with triumphs, and the entire week can be a steady ascent of positive energy, rather than a frantic race to the finish.

In conclusion, morning meetings have the potential to be the driving force behind your dealership’s success. By focusing on positivity, setting achievable goals, and addressing issues privately, you can transform these gatherings into the catalysts for a week filled with accomplishments and unwavering team morale.


In the intricate dance of automotive sales, one area that frequently leads to a considerable duplication of efforts is the pursuit of payments. Sales executives, business managers, often the entire management team find themselves tirelessly chasing after the same payment information, day in and day out. It’s a critical aspect of keeping the gears of your business turning smoothly, but it can also be a relentless time sink. Effective communication is essential here. Ensure that you stay informed by regularly connecting with your colleagues in the accounts department, your sales team, and your customers. Consistent communication will significantly reduce the risk of resource wastage.


If you’ve found yourself repeatedly downloading reports this week, only to see them become obsolete before your next cup of coffee, you’re not alone. The truth is, downloading reports can often feel like a thankless endeavor. Each sale made quickly renders that version of data inaccurate, leaving you in a perpetual race to catch up with real-time information. This is a common challenge within the industry, involving the aggregation of data from multiple sources to meet KPIs, all while upper management expects daily figures promptly. It’s a necessary task that can’t be avoided. To handle it effectively, maintain consistency in your data download timing for easy day-to-day comparisons. Additionally, wait until most of your daily transactions are complete before compiling the information; any loose ends can be carried over into the following day’s figures.

Alternatively, take a look below for an innovative solution that eliminates the need for ever downloading reports again…


The Dealer Doc Com system will drastically reduce time spent on other laborious daily tasks, liberating valuable hours for you to foster connections with fellow dealerships and devise effective stock acquisition strategies.

With our cutting-edge platform, you gain access to real-time insights that are available every single day of the week. This dynamic tool empowers you to provide your sales team with precise, day-to-day feedback on how their efforts impact their earnings. It’s the power to make every day count and drive excellence in your dealership’s sales performance.

Say goodbye to the days of constantly checking payment statuses. With Dealer Doc’s cutting-edge notifications system, you can leave that time-consuming task in the rearview mirror. Experience the power of real-time updates, triggered whenever the finance team makes changes in the system. It’s the end of manual tracking and the dawn of effortless, instantaneous payment management.

Instead of wrestling with constantly changing reports, consider a shift to real-time data. By integrating tools that provide immediate access to the latest information, you can keep pace with the dynamic nature of your industry. The key to efficiency lies in having the right data at the right time. With Dealer Doc real-time insights, you can make informed decisions, adapt swiftly to market shifts, and stay on the cutting edge of your business. πŸ“ˆ

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